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Camelot College is a private school that does not receive any government financial assistance and caters to the specific needs of children who require more individual attention than what can be offered in a normal government mainstream school. The classes are smaller and individual attention is given to the children. All costs and expenditures have to be funded by the school.

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Camelot College was started at the request of a group of parents. Most of the learners had been at Livingstone Primary, but though leaving Livingstone, were not ready for mainstream placement.

It was thus in January 2003 that a class of 12 learners was opened in Glenwood Prep. The enlightened Principal of this school, Louis Ardė, saw the need and was happy to rent a classroom to Camelot. As the learners were so closely in contact with the Glenwood learners it was agreed that they would be more comfortable wearing the same uniform. By 2004, the numbers had swelled to 30 and so an additional classroom was acquired and another educator Miss Kim Van Der Merwe, was employed. At this point it became necessary for Camelot to look for premises as close to Glenwood as possible so that learners could continue to enjoy participating in extra-mural sports.

The most suitable venue was 256 Bulwer Road, but the owners at the time were not interested in selling. It took the Principal of Camelot until December 2005 to acquire the property and in January 2006 Camelot moved into their own building. The numbers had now swelled to 76. In 2006, renovators started to create the ablution facility as well as a media and computer centre and another classroom. These renovations were finally complete by mid 2007. In September of the same year 14 Lytton Avenue was acquired. This houses a psychologist, Gabi Kell, a Speech Therapist, Asha Govender, and 2 Occupational Therapists, Raeleen Van Niekerk and Helene Ehlers. The learners of both Camelot and Glenwood Prep have access to these therapists.

In June 2008, No 16 Lytton Avenue was acquired. This now houses Grade 8 & 9 learners. It is also the site of a Tuck Shop which is run by the Grade 8 & 9’s as a practical way of teaching them bookkeeping. They have shown great initiative by raffling a basket of sweets and using the proceeds to buy a popcorn machine for the Tuck-shop and also an air-conditioner for their classroom.

In June this year 2009, Camelot will start its own Aftercare Centre. The Fundraising Committee is funding the Jungle Gym. As Camelot has continued to grow and Glenwood more than doubled in numbers since 2003 it has become necessary for Camelot to acquire more independence. Glenwood simply no longer has the space available in their timetable to offer what they did before.

Besides the above-mentioned Therapists, Camelot has 2 and sometimes 3 fur therapists, Taffy the Principal’s dog, Casey, Mrs du Plooy’s (nee Van Der Merwe) dog and a visiting sausage called Honey! These therapists are very important members of the school.

The curriculum run by the school is as prescribed by the Education Department. The learners have in addition 2 hours every 2 weeks in a pottery studio where they are instructed in the art of handwork such as coiling, slabbing etc plus the exciting different decorating techniques. Wheelwork is done by a Master Potter, where each learner receives individual instruction.

As the Grade 8 & 9 group is small (13 learners) sport is not an option. Camelot therefore offers as extra-mural activities, Electronics which allows them, should they wish to continue, to acquire a certificate enabling them to follow this trade and become self-employed or work for Ethekwini etc. They are also offered Cookery and Royal Hotel Chefs are prepared to guide them. Jewellery is offered by a very experienced jeweler. Ceramics is also offered where they learn, not only the artistic skills, but the practical skills of wheelwork, packing the kiln, glazing and the basics of different clays and temperature firing.


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