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HistoRy of the school

The school was started in 2003. As there were mainly, very sporting boys who applied, the Principal Pat Strachan along with a concerned parent, approached Glenwood Prep, who had a number of vacant classrooms. It was agreed that the learners would pay fees to Glenwood, wear their uniform and conform to their Code of Conduct. Simultaneously, though they were taught in a separate venue, they participated in everything  from sport to cultural activities. This worked really well. We continued this symbiotic relationship until the end of 2005 when Camelot’s numbers were too big to be accommodated at Glenwood.

256 Bulwer Road was purchased, with a capacity sufficient for the number of learners in the Primary School. At the time there were 9 boys and 5 girls who were going into Grade 8.  We negotiated a similar arrangement with Glenwood Boys’ High and Durban Girls' High.

By 2007 Camelot had acquired 2 new buildings and by 2008 the High School was established on the premises.

In 2013 we had our first Matric Class and as we had not yet been accredited, we were, by kind permission of the Principal of the Open Air, allowed to write at the Open Air School.


Since 2014, our school has been accredited and Matric Exams have been written on site.


Our vision for our learners is that they become equipped to deal with life in a mature, responsible and honourable way.


In order to promote this, we inculcate an atmosphere of creativity in which to develop emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically.


We aim to ensure that we create an inclusive environment, fostering acceptance and support for diverse groups of people and needs.

Our Core Values

 Honesty -            I speak the truth even if my voice shakes.

 Empathy -           I make an effort to understand how others feel.

 Acceptance -      I learn about and appreciate diversity.

 Responsibility - I do the right thing even when no one is looking.

Teamwork -        I understand that together everyone achieves more.

Get In Touch

TELEPHONE :+27 31 201 0604

EMAIL : admin@camelotcollege.co.za

ADDRESS :14 Lytton Avenue, Glenwood